Calcutta Conquest DC

Calcutta Conquest DC

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The all new Shimano Calcutta Conquest DC is the best performing, long distance casting round baitcaster on the market today. Two innovative features make it a must have for any arsenal; The first noticeable feature is the micro module gear system, which provides amazing smooth casting and retrieval. Pinion and master gear has twice the number of gear teeth than previous models, to drastically reduce noise. The second is i-DC5 computer brake system, which allows you to cast longer than any other brake system. Set line material dial inside side plate from 3, F: fluorocarbon, N: nylon, and PE: braid. And then you choose brake strength dial outside from 5, 1: least brake for metal jigs and rigs over 20g, 2: regular weight rigs 14-20g, 3: light rigs 10-14g, 4: light finesse rigs 7-10g, and W: windy mode to cast against winds and for bulky baits like swimbaits. By setting these two dials, adjustments are easy without any worry for backlash.

Ratio | 100 = 6.8:1, 200 = 6.2:1

Weight | 8.5 oz

Bearings | 12+1

Line Capacity | 10/120, 12/110

Shimano  Retrieve:  Ratio:  Weight:  Bearings:  Line Capacity:  Price:
 Calcutta Conquest DC 100HG/101HG  Right/Left  6.8:1  8.5 oz  12+1  10/120, 12/110  $699.99
 Calcutta Conquest DC 200HG/201HG  Right/Left  6.2:1  9.3 oz  12+1  10/140, 12/130  $699.99

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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