Be Sticky Trout
Be Sticky Trout
Be Sticky Trout
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Be Sticky Trout

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A model exclusively for "mountain stream bait finesse" advocated by Hiroyuki Motoyama

"Mountain stream bait finesse" style advocated by Hiroyuki Motoyama.

In addition to the reel that is the core of the style, the BST (Be Sticky Trout) bait finesse model is a rod dedicated to mountain stream bait finesse that Hiroyuki Motoyama felt the need and created in pursuit of the ideal.

We pursued the ability to cast lightweight lures such as spinners without feeling uncomfortable or fearing trouble. And I sought the ideal action that can comfortably operate even the heavy sinking minnow that is often used in recent years.

Spec list


 BST-HM is 2 pieces, BST-EXS is irregular 3 pieces
 Blank is made of carbon, unsanded finish
 Guide: All models are equipped with Fuji titanium frame SIC guide. Small caliber original setting

What is mountain stream bait finesse?

With the establishment of the bait finesse style that originated from bass fishing, the dedicated bait reel has evolved dramatically. We have obtained the ability to cast lightweight lures without trouble, which was not possible with conventional bait reels, and the retrieve speed comparable to spinning reels due to the high gear.

Dramatic improvement in accuracy performance enabled by bait tackle. It enables an approach that accurately shoots through the pinpoints under the fallen trees, even when the reeds are difficult with spinning tackles. And an ultra-low trajectory cast that can only be achieved with a bait tackle. This realizes a soft presentation that is not wary of even the most vigilant mountain fish. Furthermore, compared to spinning tackles, we have achieved an improvement of 30% or more in rework. Naturally, as a result, it also leads to fishing results.

"Mountain stream bait finesse" that dramatically evolves the style of mountain stream lure fishing. Not to mention those who aim to evolve their own mountain stream lure fishing, I also want those who have been frustrated by bait reels and anglers who have not used bait tackles yet.


The action BST series, which pursues usability in mountain stream bait finesse,

is a UL power moderate taper. A tip section where you can feel the weight of the lure even a little when casting a lightweight lure. In addition, the release point at the time of casting can be easily grasped, and the twitch of the sinking minnow is finished in a tapered design that can be done lightly without stress.

In the high visible color thread & site top bait tackle, where visibility is also a weapon,

the release point at the time of casting is located behind the spinning tackle, making it difficult for anglers to see. Especially when it becomes a dim mountain stream where the light is blocked by trees. Therefore, by adopting "High Visible Color Thread Site Top", threads with high visibility gradually come into view, making it easy for beginners to grasp the timing of the cast.
The site top, which uses a highly visible blank color, promotes more accurate rod work by visually confirming that the tip is reciprocating regularly without violence during twitching. The site top has the effect of correcting blurring and habits of rod operation.
5'5" | 80grams | 1-7 gram | 2-6lb | Ultra Light | Moderate
5'7" | 82grams | 1-7 gram | 2-6lb | Ultra Light | Moderate

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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