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BPM Rods
BPM Rods
BPM Rods
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BPM Rods

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"A new heartbeat for bass rods"

■ What's “BPM”?

BPM...beats per minute

A unit that expresses the tempo of music, heartbeat, etc. As the times change, lifestyles such as fashion, music, sports and outdoor activities are diversifying. The same is true for how to interact with bass fishing. I want to enjoy bass fishing in style, I don't want to compromise on performance, I want to enjoy fishing of other fish species and other hobbies, so cost performance is also important. The BPM series is a bass fishing rod that seeks out the ideal form of bass fishing required by the times and blends into the rhythm of people's lifestyles.

■"Design" and "basic performance" as tools
As a tool, of course, it has good basic performance, and also has a great design that makes you feel attached. BPM pursues a design and basic performance that make you want to use it seriously.

BC-610M​ ​~ This is Versatile. All-rounder that doesn't choose the situation

Bait casting model

A versatile rod that sticks to 6ft 10in, which is the base of the bait casting rod. In addition to high versatility that is not tied to situations from short-distance pitching to long-distance casting, it also has a wide range of application that covers hard lures, wire baits, and soft baits using 3.5 to 7 g class sinkers. It is useful in various situations.

BC-70H​ ​~Rod for cover with improved usability ~

7'0" Heavy, 162 grams, 10-42g, 12-25lb

Bait casting model

One with high operability that enables detailed invitations while giving the power to hook firmly in a complicated and intricate cover and pull it out forcibly. It is a high-balanced model that combines ease of use and power with a 7ft design that considers the ease of handling that can handle jigs and worms as well as frogs.

BS-69ML-A model that supports power finesse that you can't let go of until you use it-

6'9" Med-light, 129 grams, 1.8-10g, 3-6lb

Spinning model

The 6.9ft / ML action design embodies the power to forcibly pull the big bass when fighting and improving long-distance casting performance. There are various uses such as light rig in general, small rubber jigs, and power finesse in combination with PE-line.

 BC-67ML​ ​~ Enjoying a hard bait game with a supple feel ~

6'7" Med-light, 132 grams, 5-14g, 6-14lb

Bait casting model

BC-67ML, which covers all small hard baits, covers 5 to 7g of crank bait, vibration, top water hardbait, small spinner bait and buzz bait. Throw-friendliness and at the time of cast bite regular taper with an emphasis on good at the time of the glue.

BC-73XH-SB​ ​~ This is the royal road. Full size big bait compatible rod ~

7'3" XHeavy, 210 grams, Lure-max 120 gram, 14-30lb

Compatible with sizes over 200 mm/100 g that everyone assumes from the keywords big bait and swim bait. It is a royal road of big bait rod that it firmly catches heavy weight lures with a specially designed blank full of power and torque, and can easily turn down a strong fight from hooking up. It is very convenient to carry because it uses the butt joint method.

BC-71H +​ ​~ A fusion of strength and usability. Capture the big bass from the impregnable cover ~

7'1", Heavy+, 179 grams, Lure-max 56gram, 14-30lb 

The blank full of power is a sharp one that thoroughly suppresses dullness while being torqueful. A small moment that the lure of "Kon'" which was delivered to the obstacles that could get caught line is in the middle of bite high sensitivity design to tell the hand also. At the time of fight, forcibly pull out the big bass and seize the chance. The butt joint method makes it very convenient to carry.

● BP-C610M+ ~ Versatile bait rod covering all ~

6'10" Medium+, 125 grams, 5-28g, 8-16lb

Produced by SHOGO MURAKAMI /Bait casting model

A versatile bait rod that can handle everything from jig and softbait bottom fishing to fast moving lure retrieving fishing with a single rod. It is a very bat that follows the tip and load with a moderate amount, and supports a wide range of weight lures, mainly 3 / 8oz ~ 1 / 2oz (10g ~ 14g) lures.

Adopts a 130cm anomalous 2pcs specification (1 & half design) that combines the action advantage of 1pc blank and the portability of 2pcs.

● BP-S70L ST-Overwhelming range of defense with long length-

7' light, 112 grams, 1.8-7g, 3-6lb

Super Loco of Kasumigaura, produced by TAKUYA BABA / spinning model

In icefish pattern usability and, S70L-ST focused on long cast performance. The tensioned carbon solid tip makes it easy to feel slight water resistance and plays an important role in imagining where the lure is operating underwater. The 7ft long length is not only superior in long-distance casting performance, but it will also be a great advantage to freely control the line that traces the lure by moving the rod tip vertically and horizontally.

Adopts a 130cm anomalous 2pcs specification (1 & half design) that combines the action advantage of 1pc blank and the portability of 2pcs.

B1-72MH - Long distance special aiming for offshore points- 7'2" Med-Heavy, 144g, 7-28g, 10-20lb

A long cast model that can hit a wide range with long-distance casting. Not only is it long and hard, but it has a tapered design that allows you to cast lure weights firmly on the rod. Making it a standard model for large lakes and large rivers. A long distance specialized model that emphasizes long-distance casting and long-distance usability.

B1-C67MH + HD-"Technically Heavy" for operating frog and big baits- 6'7" Med-Heavy + Heavy Duty, 125g, max 56g, 12-25lb

A technical heavy model that allows anglers to take action on big baits and frogs up to 2oz class. We are particular about the well-balanced blank design that does not get tired even if you continue twitching for a long time and the power to forcibly of pulling the fish out from the heavy cover. This rod will be active in both bank fishing and boat fishing.

B1-C66MLG- Aggressive cranking rod to make them hit and hook it up- 6'6" Med-Light Glass, 131g, 5-18g, 8-16lb

A glass composite model that comfortably handles 7-10g class crank baits. A well-balanced model that has both castability that allows you to put weights firmly on the rod when casting. Even with a lightweight shallow crank while suppressing dullness, and suppleness that you can put it on without repelling bite. This is a dedicated to a real crank bait lover.

B1-S73M-Power spinning rod with outstanding long-distance casting performance- 7'3" Medium, 117g, 5-18g, 4-18lb

7ft3in length design holds a big advantage in large rivers and natural lakes that require long-distance casting. Enables long-distance casting performance and delicate action to deliver high-density softbait and heavy carolina rig. This model matches with the a jig heads using a large stick bait.



** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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