Gladiator Anti Spinning Rods
Gladiator Anti Spinning Rods
Gladiator Anti Spinning Rods
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Gladiator Anti Spinning Rods

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●Concept-1. Highly assist angler in all "cast", "retrieve" and "fight" (versatile medium-elastic blanks that the rod itself does the job perfectly)
・ In all of the operations "cast", "retrieval", and "hooking ~ fight" that the rod performs in the fishing act, the rod itself does its job perfectly. When casting, the blanks bend firmly due to the weight of the lure, and the repulsive force makes the lure fly accurately and lightly. When retrieving, the signal sent by the lure is accurately transmitted to the angler without being too aggressive. When hooking, the needle penetrates the jaw of the fish due to the torque produced by the entire blank. During a fight, everything from the tip ~ butt end exerts torque proportional to the pull of the fish. The more the fish pulls and the rod bends, the more the force of the blank to return to its original state overflows, and the automatic blanks naturally pull the fish in their hands. Instead of being the angler's arm, it is a power-arm-like enhancement tool that powerfully assists the angler and pushes him to Nexttrevel.

●Concept-2. Ultra-wide defense range (wide range of areas centered on main operations)
・ When it comes to visiting the field for the first time, let alone shore fishing, you can't carry around several special machines. You will sacrifice mobility, which can be said to be the advantage of shore fishing. If there is a rod that can perform a certain level of high level other than the main operation with one rod, that alone would be a reassuring weapon. Anti has an extremely wide range of fields due to its blank characteristics.

●Concept-1. High performance at
a low price ・The Anti series has reviewed the original role of the rod from scratch, and by supplementing all the burden and required skills on the angler side with blanks, it is an automatic rod that is easy for anyone to handle and can perform high-level operation. Even if you are an advanced fisherman, you will be surprised at the high performance of Anti, which allows you to experience fishing one step higher. Our goal was to let more anglers taste the "original performance of the rod" of this Anti, which is a confident creation. In order to achieve low cost, the guide that does not affect the blank performance is made of stainless steel (the top guide is a titanium frame). High-grade cork is EVA. We have succeeded in reducing manufacturing costs without compromising the quality of decoration that brings blank performance and a sense of ownership. Anti is a series that allows you to experience "high performance" at a "low price".


 Model Length Power Action Line Lure
GA-63LS Defender
GA-611MLS-ST Stride 6'11"
Med-Light Fast 4-8
GA-61UL-ST Fixer 6'1" Ultra Light Fast 3-5 1/32-3/16
GA-70HS-ST Power Nose 7' Heavy Fast Max PE 2 Max 1/2
GA-65MS Spin Border 6'5" Medium Fast 5-8 Max 3/8



** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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