22 TR SV TW 105 SLPW
22 TR SV TW 105 SLPW
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22 TR SV TW 105 SLPW

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Introducing the ultimate complete custom model by SLP WORKS
A complete custom model by SLP WORKS equipped with custom parts such as SLP WORKS shallow pool and carbon crank handle, which are specially designed, in addition to the tune-up that makes each bearing a ball bearing with the aim of improving rotational performance. The combination of "Φ32mm extra super duralumin shallow groove SV spool" and "TWS" demonstrates outstanding castability.

■ Handle
The handle arm, which is a major feature of the exterior, has a bold logo design, and the 85mm carbon crank handle is tuned up for salt compatibility.
■ Spool
Φ32mm Equipped with extra super duralumin shallow pool.

■ Salt compatible
■ Air brake system
■ SV concept

22TR SV TW 105H-SLPW Special specifications

Body Limited color / special print color
Handle arm 85mm carbon crank handle with 4CRBB
Zero adjuster Limited specifications
ball bearing Enhanced salt compatibility with 11CRBB specifications
■ Compatible with optional parts: Compatible with SLP WORKS SCL (screwless) star drag series. Replaceable 105 spool (red, purple) for 20TATULA SV.
■ Handle knob: S

Gear Ratio - 7.1:1 (28 inches per turn)
Weight - 195 grams
Bearings - 11CRBB/1 roller
Line capacity - 12lb - 90 yards | 14lb - 80 yards | #1.5PE - 165 yards

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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