Bacurato Swimmer

Bacurato Swimmer

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An atypical jighead swimbait developed as the final weapon for the 10-pound over-the-top capture in Lake Bacarac, Mexico, in March 2007 "Bacrato Swimmer". Since the first prototype was put into practice, in just six months, we have continued to kill more than a few hundred 50cm bass with an astonishing rate, both in Japan and overseas, and regardless of the season. The biggest secret lies in the wide range of applications regardless of location, water depth, or season, and the natural fish-gathering power of the big shad tail, which exhibits the wobble power of a spinnerbait. The Bacurato Swimmer retains the outstanding long-throw and depth-keeping ability of conventional jighead swimbaits, but with a body shape that considers fluid dynamics. Enhance the effect of attracting fish. In addition, it is not afraid of any cover, and achieves both snagless performance and reliable hooking ability.

Slow Retrieve Sink to the
bottom and retrieve with the image of slow rolling of a spinnerbait.
The soft and large waves of the Bacrato swimmer appeal in all ranges.
The moment you hit the bottom or structure and hit the hila is a bite chance.
It is also very effective on vast weed flats such as Lake Biwa.

Football Action
Actions such as football jigs, lift-and-fall and bottom pumping are also effective. This is a high snagless performance, and the Bakrat swimmer with a low center of gravity design has a stable fall posture and is highly effective in deep reaction attacks. This makes it possible to interweave the swimming and reaction effects of the football jig at any time, such as the structure touched during the retrieve.

Sight Action
While the pressure of the reservoir's backwaters can make even big baits and smolava look unseen, Bakrat swimmers can attack from a different angle.
For example, cast upstream to a visible bus, and send it to the bus with the current.
Then, stay in front of the bus so that it is hidden in a structure such as a rock.
Then, just before the bass shows interest, they invite a part-time job by repeating hang-ups and offs, lures, and laying down.
This is because the bottom of the chin has a flat shape and the effect of the low center of gravity jig head makes it easy to stand at the bottom as shown in the figure on the right, and this figure is a wonderful reproduction of Ayu eating stone moss. In addition, the exquisite eye position allows you to use it in the backwater Rooting on a large number of bottom stones and small rocks has also been reduced.

Length: 4.75 inch

4 per Pack plus 2 jig heads

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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