Finetail Steam Series Casting Rods

Finetail Steam Series Casting Rods

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Model Overall Length (ft) Number of joints (pcs) Lure (g) Line (lb) action
FSX-B4102UL 4'10” 2 1-8 2-6 RF
FSX-B452L 4'5” 2 2-10 2-6 F
FSX-B502L 5'0” 2 2-10 2-6 F
FSX-B602L 6'0” 2 2-10 2-6 RF
FSX-B722MH 7'2” 2 5-23 2-6



FSX-B4102UL The overall blanks are finished in a firm bend, so even bait beginners can cast lures as they want with a feel ring that allows them to feel the lure weight firmly. It is a bait model packed with the concept of enjoying the supple bend of the fine tail.
FSX-B452L It is a supple and firm blank. Since it is finished in the first taper, you can operate the lure at a good tempo even upstream. It can be a bit difficult to cast for bait beginners, but with its focus on upstream lure maneuverability, this model allowed for linear lure action.
FSX-B502L The overall finish is hard to ensure that the hook penetrates the hard mouth of the large fish. In particular, the mouths of large char and yams and amago in early autumn are very hard. If you are using a soft rod, even valuable bites can be removed by headshake without the hook sticking. It is an aggressive model to ensure that such large fish are caught.
FSX-B602L What I wanted was a length that was easy to move around and sharp blanks. The non-inclined semi-long rear grip assists anglers by placing one hand on them during long casts and by placing the rear grip on the arm during flip casts and fights. A model that is packed with plenty of essential elements to capture trout that are tight in the structure.
FSX-B722MH It is active in various fields such as cherry trout and rainbow in medium-sized rivers, trout in marsh rivers and lakes. With a large guide setting that assumes use in the severe cold season, there is no problem with direct connection to nylon line and the use of extra-thick readers. With a tone close to the regular taper, it is possible to cast from long casts to flip casts with the feeling of carrying the lure weight firmly on your back.


** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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