Revoltage Rods

Revoltage Rods

Jackall Japan
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Fresh in from Japan, the new Jackall Revoltage Rods are in and ready for action!  Jackall set out to build a fresh set of rods that were highly tuned for specific techniques, but that could also be all around weapons for anglers who need one rod to wear many hats.  Super stylish design features the Beat Maximizer butt section that amplifies bites and sensitivity to the angler, metal lockdown reel seat for added sensitivity and class, and GP Booster which is a new blending of different elasticity graphites for an all around use blank that has never been down before.

Jackall Revoltage  Length:  Power:  Blank:  Lure:  Line:  Price:
RV-C63ML  6'3"  Med Light  Tubular  5-18g  8-16  $359.99
RV-C66M  6'6"  Medium  Tubular  7-21g  10-16  $359.99
RV-C66M-LST  6'6"  Medium  Long Solid Tip  3.5-18g  8-14  $359.99
RV-C68MH  6'8"  Med Heavy  Tubular  7-28g   10-20  $359.99
RV-C68ML-FML  6'8"  Med Light  Low Modulus  5-18g  8-16  $359.99
RV-C69L+  6'9"  Light+  Tubular  2.7g-10g  6-12  $359.99
RV-C69MH-MON  6'9"  MH Monster  Tubular 2 piece  7-35g  10-20  $359.99
RV-C610M  6'10"  Medium  Tubular  7-21g  10-16  $359.99
RV-C610H  6'10"  Heavy  Tubular  10-42g  12-25  $359.99
RV-C70MH-FMG  7'0"  Med Heavy  Glass Composite  7-35g  10-20  $379.99
RV-C73H  7'3"  Heavy  Tubular  10-42g  12-25  $379.99

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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