Steez Limited SV TW 1000

Steez Limited SV TW 1000

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Steez Limited SV TW is the super tuned version Daiwa high-end Steez SV with SV Boost brake system for longer casting distance and Hyper Drive Design system to keep the initial smooth gearing and friction-less performance for longer. The new SV Boost system is the tuned SV brake (Air Brake) system, and brake induct rotor will pop-out in two steps. Its brake profile to spool speed is steeper than regular SV system to add casting distance at latter half of casting. For the induct rotor, the 1st half distance will be pushed out by the same profiles as previous SV system, but the later half requires about 2 times of spool speed to pop-up. Therefore, induct rotor will be pushed out all way in the fist action in casting to prevent backlash, but soon it will come-back to reduce brake to add distance. It features Hyper Armed Housing system, where the main frame and gear side cup are made of magnesium alloy, and spool holder on the palm side is made of aluminum. G1 air craft grade extra strong duralumin spool accelerates quite fast and casts great distance. TWS T shaped level winder system let lines move more freely in casting to add about 5% more casting distance.

 Daiwa  Retrieve:  Ratio:  Weight:  Bearings:  Line Capacity:  Price:
 STZLTDSVTW1000  Right  6.3:1  5.6 oz  11BB+1RB  14/100, 16/85  $699.99
 STZLTDSVTW1000L  Left  6.3:1  5.6 oz  11BB+1RB  14/100, 16/85  $699.99
 STZLTDSVTW1000H  Right  7.1:1  5.6 oz  11BB+1RB  14/100, 16/85  $699.99
 STZLTDSVTW1000HL  Left  7.1:1  5.6 oz  11BB+1RB  14/100, 16/85  $699.99

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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