Steez Real Control
Steez Real Control
Steez Real Control
Steez Real Control
Steez Real Control
Steez Real Control
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Steez Real Control

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The Daiwa Steez Real Control represents the highest end and greatest achievement in Daiwa's rod building history.  Hand made in Japan, the Steez Real Control blank is a proprietary SVF Compile-X nanoplus material which is lighter and more sensitive than traditional Steez blanks.  Each AGSII guide is wrapped with a special carbon wrapping system (CWS) instead of traditional thread.  Each grip is a custom built, ferruled grip that is smaller and lighter than any other Steez grip.

This is the rod the Kyoya Fujita has designed to be the ultimate strolling rod.


DAIWA Steez RC S65ML-SV - Kyoya Strolling Special

A versatile model that uses PE line to manipulate medium-weight lures that are difficult to handle, from surface strolling to mid-level strolling and bottom fishing. The basic performance of the rod is inherited from the S61L-SV, such as casting performance, sensitivity to feel the condition of the lure, controlling the lure with a stiff tip, and bending to the butt after hooking. The length is set to 6ft 5inch to give it a bend after hooking, and to improve operability and hooking performance when hanging the line on a branch to attract fish. In other words, the rod that masters light power finesse has been completed.

6'5" | MedLight | Fast | pieces - grip + blank | rod weight - 2.15oz | 1/8-3/8oz

B.A.S.S. Elite Round 8 wins Lake Champlin

The more you use it, the more trust you have.
This S65ML-SV is, so to speak, the older brother rod of the S61L-SV. Fujita and DAIWA Works engineers talk about the characteristics of this rod in just two words, saying, "It's longer than 61L and stronger than 61L." The use is also said to be "I'm in charge of a slightly heavy lure to handle with 61L, and the line also matches a little thicker with PE 0.8 to No. 1."
"It's basically a light rig rod that is in charge of all lures that are difficult to handle with S61L-SV, but it is also the younger brother of S68MH-SV (power finesse rod). In other words, the S65ML-SV is also a light power finesse rod. Really simply S61L-SV's a little long & a little power up Ver. But the base rod is a wonderful rod like a miracle, so S65ML-SV is also very complete. I like it very much," said Fujita.
Unlike the S63UL-SV, this S65ML-SV has a sense of use like RC with sensitivity and maneuverability. The taper is also fast to the regular, and it is firm, but it bends deeply and smoothly. Because of its straightforward characteristics, it is easy to apply, and for Fujita, there are many turns along with S61L-SV. No, as for 2023, S65ML-SV was outstanding in terms of frequency of use and contribution in games.

"This rod is 100% for Power Midst. This rod for elastomer frog and light power finesse. S65ML-SV does not have a turn depending on the lure and technique used, but it matches all the fishing done with PE around No. 1. This is the winning rod for Midost, who won the Big Fish Award against Lake Murray and won at Champline."
In the live broadcast of the Champlin game, the amazing speed of Fujita from the bus to the time he took it became a hot topic. If the opponent is a small mouse of about 1,500g, after multiplying it, forcefully float it without saying whether it is or not, pull it out, and release it immediately. The main line is PE 0.8, and the leader is Fluoro 3 (≒12lb.). This system is the standard for small games in the northern United States, but due to the smooth drag of 22 EXIST and the power of S65ML-SV, Fujita's fight time was suppressed to about half of other players, not exaggerated. These are all tackles that Fujita himself was involved in development.
"There has never been a mistake that seems to be a mistake. It's a wonderful rod and wonderful reel combination that increases your trust the more you use it."

Daiwa Technology

AGS (Air Guide System), which realizes light weight and high sensitivity, adopts a carbon frame, and due to the characteristics of carbon, which is about 3 times more rigid than titanium, it is directly without absorbing a small signal transmitted through the line. It has a high sensitivity to convey to the blank. In addition, the light weight of carbon also contributes to the weight reduction of the entire rod, and can be expected to have an additional effect on improving sensitivity, especially by leading to the weight reduction of the tip of the ear.
An ultra-muscular blank composed of significantly reduced resin and a large amount of graphite fibers. Because it has high hardness and tension, it leads to high information transmission ability, and it brings sensitivity like taking in the water. In addition, the reduced amount of resin means lightness and power rank up, and you can make a much lighter rod with the same power, and a much thinner rod with the same power and lightness. It is an indispensable blank for fishing where a momentary reaction is required against the byte, and you can feel the sharp sensitivity and strong bat power. Because it is slender, it is easy to swing, and it is possible to cast accurately without removing the targeted spot, and its lightness can continue to shoot for a day. This high-performance blank is further evolved by Nanoplus technology.
※S510XUL-SV・ST, S61L-SV, S63UL-SV, S65ML-SV, S68MH-SV, C610M-SV, C73H-SV・ST
CWS (Carbon Wrapping System)
DAIWA's unique technology that uses carbon cloth to fix guides and reel seats to blanks. By fixing the parts with a strongly braided carbon cloth instead of thread (thread), the part mounting part can be weighted, and high holding force (screw stiffness of the guide mounting part) and durability (cracking strength) can be improved. It also contributes to.
The structure that tightens the threads that occur in actions such as casting, action, hooking, and fight from the outermost effective carbon bias cloth of 45° from the tip of the most likely blank is X45 full Rudo. As a result, the screw stiffness has been dramatically improved. This makes it possible to bring out the original performance of cast accuracy and rod more than ever before.
※S61L-SV, S63UL-SV, S65ML-SV, S68MH-SV, C610M-SV, C70MH-LM, C73H-SV・ST
In order to prevent screwing that occurs in actions such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting, in order to prevent screwing due to many years of research, in addition to the conventional structure (0°, 90° for the rod tip), the bias cross of "45°" (±45 I came to the conclusion that it is optimal to wind carbon fiber, etc.) slanted to °. The installation of the X45 prevents twisting and realizes a dramatic improvement in power, operability, and sensitivity.
※S510XUL-SV・ST only
Megatop is a carbon solid where fiber and resin are evenly dispersed, and it shows the same bend in any direction. As a result, the strength has improved dramatically compared to normal carbon solids. This makes it possible to make a flexible, high-tapered tip with a narrow diameter, and realizes a tip that can be taken with excellent visual sensitivity that echoes not on the hand but also the visual sensitivity that appears on the tip.
※S510XUL-SV・ST, C73H-SV・ST only
Zero seat is a new design philosophy of reel seats aimed at enjoying fishing from the bottom of their hearts without stress.
※S510XUL-SV・ST, S61L-SV, S63UL-SV, S65ML-SV, C610M-SV, C70MH-LM, C73H-SV・ST
The air sensor sheet with carbon fiber realizes weight reduction, high strength and high sensitivity. It is specially designed according to the application of the rod, and it brings operability that can not be experienced with general-purpose reel seats.

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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