Triza Multi-Piece Casting Rods

Triza Multi-Piece Casting Rods

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Introducing a whole new concept in multi piece bass fishing rods - Triza.  Megabass set out to develop the ultimate multi piece rod that not only blew other multi piece rods away, but that also made one piece rods jealous.  At first glance you will notice the traditional, hard crafted aesthetics of Triza, such as hand carved wood reel seats, polished guide and hand painted cosmetics.  But beyond it's striking good looks, Triza is a totally new concept in rod building.  Megabass is calling it the Triangle Concept.  Each pice of the 3 piece Triza rods makes up one side of the Triangle.  One piece is built specifically for Torsional Rigidity, one piece for Torque, and one piece for tension/action.  Together, the 3 pieces create one rod that is specifically designed for certain applications that offers a higher performance level than a one piece rod can.  Available in 4 models.  Rod comes with rod sock.

F0-63XTZ Aello- Finesse reaction, poppers, pencil baits - 6'3" Ex-light, slow taper, 2-7lb, 1/32-3/16oz, $369.00
F2-66XTZ Sparna- small shad baits, mini cranks, small topwaters, long distance finesse - 6'6" Light, med-fast taper, 6-12lb, 1/8-1/2oz, $369.00
F3-68TXZ Grils- crankbaits, vibration baits, spinnerbaits, minnows - 6'8" Medium, med-fast taper, 6-14lb, 1/4-5/8oz, $369.00
F4-69XTZ Thunderbird- parabolic bend for deeper crankbaits and spinnerbaits, topwaters, no sinker rigs, heavy worms - 6'9" Med-heavy, regular taper, 8-20lb, 1/4-3/4oz, $369.00
F5-70XTZ- Stympalides- Heavy cover jigs and texas rigs - 7'0" Heavy, med-fast taper, 10-25lb, 3/8-1oz, $369.00

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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