Troutin Spin Field Dream Neue-Limited
Troutin Spin Field Dream Neue-Limited
Troutin Spin Field Dream Neue-Limited
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Troutin Spin Field Dream Neue-Limited

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High performance rod that opens up the world of area trout

The "Neue" series is characterized by the fact that it can be caught even with delicate Atari.
A new grip design that excites the hearts of trout anglers, and the blanks are thoroughly examined from the beginning.
We have applied guide settings to suit the aim of each model.
To a rod that allows you to enjoy all the time from casting to landing.
With attention to detail appropriate to the name of the limited model, we invite you to a deeper world of area trout.

Spec list

 All models Spinning model
 2-piece specification
 Blanks finish: Unsanded finish
 Guide: Top guide is titanium frame KGST (SiC) guide All other guides are titanium frame SiC-S guide

Area trout fishing that frequently rotates a wide variety of lures.
The Neue series, which has been evaluated as a rod that accurately captures "shun", has been reborn as a limited model by incorporating the needs required in recent years.
The total length of the rod is based on "5.11ft" which is easy to handle and control the range. It is a lineup to minimize the discomfort when changing tackles.

A new shape grip that is easy to grip and easy to hold even when the force is released. The Neue series uses the first down-lock structure to create a grip shape that narrows down the shape. A delicate and accurate approach has become more comfortable and easier to do.
In addition, the aluminum pipe that has a separate part is the grip part that stands out. In addition to increasing grip rigidity and balancing weight, we pursued curvaceousness and ease of handling that smoothly connected to cork parts. It can be said that it is a key part of Neu Eli Limited.

A newly designed blank featuring a supple feel and sticky torque when bent.
It is easy to grasp the release point in the outstanding swing feeling, and it also contributes to the "responsiveness" in performing a wide variety of lure rotations.
"Amorphous carbon fiber (* 1)" is blended with T511L-RF and T511ML-F according to the characteristics of each model. A high balance between a moist feeling and high impact strength is achieved.

* 1: Carbon fiber that uses amorphous (amorphous) pitch as a raw material and is characterized by its suppleness and large elongation. By combining it with the carbon fiber of the base, the strength against compression is further increased and high impact strength is obtained.
All Around Special
One that can be said to be the "main axis" in Neu Eli Limited. In particular, it has a wide range of support for trive-based fishing, and it can easily handle everything from micro-sized spoons to heavy-duty spoons used for stocking, and crank baits from small-sized to full-sized models with large lip sizes. Although it bends flexibly, it is crispy and has the power to pull. It is easier to experience the unique feeling of Neu Limited, and it has a high advantage even when the number of items that can be brought to the fishing spot is limited.
5'11" | weight 78grams | 0.5-3.5 grams | 1-4lb | Light | Reg Fast
Site Special
Compared to the T511L-RF, this model has a more flexible tip, while the berries have more tension to make it "closer to the tone". With tip power that makes it easy to draw out the movement of a spoon that cuts 1 g, it is easy to make detailed invitations mainly for tips. It's easy to make during the match, and it's easy to do blind fishing by extending the feeling of the site. On the other hand, it has the power of a bat that can fully cast a lure over 3g, and enables sharp hooking led by an angler. Matches with lightweight and small plugs.
5'11" | weight 80grams | 0.5-3.5 grams | 1-3lb | Med Light | Fast
Kake Special
It is a power model with tip & berry power that is comparable to high resistance plugs and heavy lures. A wide range of matches for fishing such as bottom, top water, and minnowing, where "starting from the angler side through rod action". It also has a great advantage when efficiently aiming at a vast field or a trout with a large average size. Even when fighting, it quickly follows the head shake of the trout, and by taking advantage of the "torque" that is the characteristic of this rod, it will be pulled by the angler. Aim and catch yourself ... It's one that you can enjoy more like that.
5'11" | weight 82grams | 0.8-4.5 grams | 1-4lb | Medium | Reg Fast
Ester Special
This model is based on the T511L-RF with a dedicated guide setting to maximize the "sensitivity" and "linear operation feeling" that are the merits of the ester line and to minimize line troubles. Berry power is added more than T511L-RF according to the big change of guide specifications. Power setting that can handle spoons of 2g or less, especially from a very small size of about 0.4g to 1.6g more comfortably. In the case of ester cranking, it is possible to take a more aggressive approach based on the feeling of buzzing that is transmitted to the hand, from micro size to relatively large cranks. It is easy to approach in strong winds and is also effective as a countermeasure against short bites.
5'11" | weight 76grams | 0.5-3.5 grams | 1-3lb | Light | Reg Fast

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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