Troutino Stream Series Casting Rods

Troutino Stream Series Casting Rods

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Model Overall Length (ft) Number of joints (pcs) Lure (g) Line (lb) action
TTS-B452L 4'5” 2 2-10 3-8 F
TTS-B4102UL 4'10” 2 1-8 2-6 F
TTS-B502L 5'0” 2 2-10 3-8 F

TTS-B452L The tilting gun grip allows for more freedom of the wrist and easier to palm and summ with two fingers. By reducing the burden on the wrist, it is possible to go back while attacking the pinpoint more quickly than before. This model is the best for heavy thinking lure-centric game development.
TTS-B4102UL The cast feel, which allows you to cast small minnows comfortably, is also recommended for beginners in mountain stream bait. Side, under, backhand... A variety of casts can be done easily and accurately with bait tackle. A mountain stream bait game that is fun just to throw. Try it once.
TTS-B502L This model would be ideal for jerking and deep range strategies using heavy sinking lures. The blanks that are firm up to the tip can be operated directly even with lures with pulling resistance. Bites in fields with a large amount of water are intense. Hooking firmly with a stiffer rod will improve the catch rate.

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **

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